FPI Generators produces a wide range of generating sets with power outputs covering 10 –

3000 KVA, all power nodes are available at 50Hz or 60Hz and various voltage range

Our product range includes small generators for standby domestic use, up to complete power stations supplying electricity to national grids

  • The ranges from 10 – 66 KVA offering you desirable power in a compact package to serve telecommunications, construction, residential and retail.
  • The 33– 275 KVA machines are generally used by construction, residential, agriculture, industrial and commercial.
  • The gensets powered from 275 – 710 KVA are also used by industrial, construction, mining, commercial, events and utility
  • The largest range of gensets from 715 –3000 KVA are complex units used by data centers, healthcare, commercial, industrial, banking and power stations

Our models are split into five categories:

  1. Open generators
  2. Canopy generators
  3. Container generators
  4. Mobile generator sets
  5. Tower lights

A generator is a device that converts thermal energy into mechanical energy and then into electricity. In general, it consists of a motor and alternator coupled and mounted on a common base together with batteries, fuel tank, control panel and muffler.

Standard Equipment:


In FPI generator sets, leading engine brands that have state of the art technology and have compliance with ISO 8528, ISO 3046, BS 551 4, DIN 6271 standards, are being used. These engines with low fuel consummation, provide accurate speed setting and order, mount to the fuel pump, also have mechanic or electronic type governors.


In products FPI produced, leading alternator brands of the world that have state of the art technology, high quality, productivity and durability, are being used. All alternators, which pass necessary test process and found appropriate according to EC 60034-1; CEI EN 60034-1; BS 4999-5000; VDE 0530, NF 51 – 1 00,1 1 1; OVE M-1 0, NEMA MG 1 .22. standards, have bearing system that does not need maintenance, with electronic type voltage regulator providing voltage setting.


Chassis is manufactured from steel that has features and durability for carrying burden of generator set. Thanks to its rigid structural design and anti-vibration mounts, it reduces vibration level to minimum. All chassis contain lifting lugs. Apart from chasses that are produce by
FPI, special solutions that design in accordance with customer desires, make transportation and positioning easier

Control Panel

Standard control panel, that is used in FPI generator sets, ensures comfortable and safe usage. All measured and statistical parameters, operating modes, notice and alarms and condition of generator, are monitored easily from the control panel. On the front of the panel’s metal body has electronic control module and the emergency stop button and the panel’s metal body is made of steel sheet and is painted with electrostatic powder paint. FPI offers panel design and solutions that comply with special requirements of customers as well as quality standard panels

Fuel Tank:

In less than 800 kVA power generator sets, fuel tank is produced integrated to the chassis. In more than 800 kVA power generator sets, rectangular type fuel tank is provided with generator set separately if required by customer. In all types of fuel tank have its level and indicator


FPI Standard Canopies’ default features are as follows 2 or 4 points transport possibility according to canopy sizeHidden exhaust inside the canopyEmergency stop button located on the canopyImproved air suction channel to ensure proper cooling in the canopyRadiator air outlet and exhaust with designed towards aboveLid on cab that provides to be filled up water easily to the radiatorAmplified paint system against corrosion and rustImproved performance in terms of sound insulationDemounted parts that make transportation and maintenance easier

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS Panel)

The Automatic Transfer Switch makes the switching between the main sources (usually the network) and the secondary source (usually the generator), if the main source fails. The Automatic Transfer Switch is automatically operated and is also used to interconnect power gensets operating in alternation. We recommend installing the Automatic Transfer Switch when the power genset operates in an emergency mode.

Synchronization Panels:

Synchronization Switchgear Panel also referred to as Paralleling Switchgear provides a means to synchronize and parallel multiple generators of same or different sizes make on a common bus. Reliability, Redundancy, Flexibility, Maintainability, Economy are some of the advantages of Synchronization Switchgear